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Ordinary Members pay an annual subscription of £30.00. They receive the Collections and the Bulletin; have use of the Society's Library; may attend lectures, visits etc, usually at a discounted rate; may attend all general meetings of the Society.

An Associate Member, who is a relative of an Ordinary Member living at the same address, pays an annual subscription of £5.00. Associate Members have all the privileges of membership but do not receive publications or notices issued to Ordinary Members.

Junior Members, who must normally be more than 16 but less than 21 years old at the date of application, pay an annual subscription of £6.00. Junior Members living at the same address as an Ordinary Member are admitted free of charge, but do not receive any Society publications. On reaching the age of 21, Junior Members may become Student or Ordinary Members without any further formality and without paying an entrance fee.

Student Members, who are more than 21 but less than 26 years old at the date of application, pay an annual subscription of £12.50. To qualify for Student Membership applicants must be in full-time education (in any subject).

Institutional Members within the historic and modern boundary of Surrey pay £30.00 a year. Those outside Surrey pay £40 and overseas Intitutional Members pay £50 a year. Unfortunately we cannot provide joining for institutional members online : if you wish to buy an institutional membership please email us with details of your organisation and we will be delighted to help.

Effective membership will begin after the receipt of the money due. Subsequent subscriptions are due on 1st April each year.