Research Committee Grants

  The Committee will consider applications for grants at its meetings which are to be held at quarterly intervals.  

The Committee is authorised to award grants up to £2000 within its allocated budget. Any larger sums will be submitted to Council with the Committee’s recommendations.  

If the matter is agreed to be urgent, certain officers of the Society are empowered to make a decision in advance of these meetings.  

The Committee will welcome applications which will assist archaeological and historical research within the county. There is no hard and fast rule as to what may qualify for a grant, but applicants will be expected to demonstrate in what ways the proposed research will further understanding of the County’s archaeology and history. It is anticipated that some form of Project Design will be submitted (as long or short as the occasion demands, but essentially to say what the project is about, why it should be done, how it will be done, by whom, how much it will cost, and when and how it will be archived, written up and the results disseminated.)  

Application forms and guidelines for applicants are available from Castle Arch and the Surrey Archaeological Society website and may be sent to the Secretary of the Research Committee at that address.