Farnham Park Survey 1998

In 1997 Waverley Borough Council, the landowner, commissioned a preliminary survey into the historical and archaeological background of the land that forms the New or Little Park (now Farnham Park), just to the north east of the town of Farnham, in Surrey. The Park, which is a public open space, has been the site of a number of finds of important antiquities in recent years. As a result the Council felt that, for management purposes, it would be prudent to establish the range and degree of survival of historic landscape features and of archaeological sites within the boundaries.

To this end the author, under the supervision of Dr D G Bird, Principal Archaeologist for Surrey County Council, was asked to organise a multi-disciplinary programme of research. The first element of the project involved locating and listing the historical documents relating to the Park; the second comprised mapping of features visible on aerial photographs and the third involved a landscape survey linked to a very limited series of trial excavations.

At the time of writing, October 1998, Mrs Pat Heather, a local historian, has completed the document survey, while the air photographic survey, to be carried out by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, is still awaited. This report covers the results of the landscape survey and archaeological excavation programme. 


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